We regret ALL 2020 CONFERENCES AND SEMINARS have been cancelled, God is in control.  Please let us know if  you want to book Dr. Mordi for 2021 to come  to your nation.



And Every 3rd Saturday United Prayers for Transformation



Jan. 27-Feb 3 Liberia to Receive Impact to Africa Outstanding Award AWFJ Team
Feb. 20-24 Victory Bible  February  Church, Florida Rev. D.& P Brown
March 21 Godly Women Ambassadors Annual Conference & Gala I GO GWATE
April 3-6 Living Christ Chapel  Seminar , Minneapolis, MN Rev. E. Asabere
April 20-31 This is a week of a Lifetime Cruse to celebrate God’s faithfulness  
May 15-17 America for Jesus Inauguration , Atlanta Apostle Helen Solomon
May 29-31 Revival Theme: Power of Praise, Christ Gospel Church Rev. Seth Akyea
June 3-7 A/G Arusha National Wide-Open Air Crusade, Eva. T. Chanjalika
June  17-20 National Thanksgiving Addis Ababa,Ethiopia Rev. H. Aligazi
July 15-18 Transforming Conference &Thanksgiving I GO Executive Team
July 19 Birthday Celebrations of God’s goodness ….  
August  3-11 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Mission Bethel World Outreach Church
October 15-17 ? Costa Rica Mission & Papa New Guine Dr. Randolph
Nov. 20-21 AFJ 27th Anniversary USA US Executive Team (Helen/Abtew)
Dec ? ?? Deliverance Church Reunion Kenya ??? DC Kariakor Bishops