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July 2019 Igale School Renovation And Building Additional Class Rooms For Needy Villages

 Also The Road Leading To Igale Was Very Bad But Now Fixed Because We Try To Be Light And Salt Anywhere WE GO

This Ministry Does So Many Practical Things In Different Villages, Support And Partnership Will Make Great Impact

Maasai Medical Mission Pwani Region, Tanzania

The Medical Team Met With Maasai Chief And Government Officials To Discuss About Building A Clinic On A Land Provided

Ducating These Orphans In A Private School In Chanika

Build clean Water Wells for the Maasai Chidren in Mbala and also  in Bukarika Community in Mwanza.  Also as well started a school for the street children who lived under the big  Granular Rocks around Lake Victoria. Your partnership will  make more  impact.  Thanks you!