Many prophecies have gone forth concerning Africa’s role for end time assignment.  God hears the prayers of His people.  This is a Kairos moment which must be seized before it is too late (II King 7:1–2).  Since 1993 GOD gave a strategy that we follow.   Once every Third Saturday of the month, Christians around the world unite to give God praise and honor with thanksgiving prayers.  We encourage you to try – call every province in your nation and her political leaders. Lift up the Flag that represent your nation and the Christian Unity Flag (Africa the Mother of humanity).  It is God’s time to restore His people (Joel 2:18 –19, 21–26). As you speak His Word upon situations, He will use you in your sphere of influence for His glory (Romans 12:17-21) Are you ready?




(1) CHURCH LEADERS:   contact other Men of God where you serve.  EXPRESS YOUR FEELINGS WITH CONVICTION that God is calling us to Unite – John 17:22-23:  When we unite, God will be provoked to intervene and situation will change in nations (name some things you need changed) Those involved it will benefit their ministries, families, communities, and their countries.

(2) Ask them to involve their friends, family members, co-workers or anyone they know – use social media & chart rooms to spread the GOOD NEWS OF unity to DECLARE Your NATION FOR JESUS.    (encourage them to have faith that something good is about to happen and send an email to the Headquarters igoministries@yahoo.com)   God uses people who are willing to trust HIM.

(3) As the Bishop/Pastor/Head of any organization/or Team you will not be changing your God given vision but enhancing it. Your Prayer Ministry can be instructed to add the 3rd Saturday as a day of declaration and thanksgiving.

(4) IF YOUR CHURCH HAS PEOPLE FROM OTHER COUNTRIES, ask each member to contact their churches, families and other organizations they know to include this divine Third Day unity of Thanksgiving and declaration.   Each country around the world should have a representative to understand the power of the Third Day Unity.  God is waiting on His Body to align with His end time strategy for nations to be covered with His glory as the waters cover the sea.

On those dates, our focus is one – to pray, decree and give thanks for God’s intervention in any situation of your community & nation.  As we unite in one accord to decree His will, nationswill bow (Phil. 2:10-11)as a fulfillment of John 17:21-23.   May God use you to bring Kingdom impact.

 2021 :   1/16;  2/20;  3/20;  4/17;  5/15;   6/19;  7/17;  8/21;  9/18;  10/16;  11/20;  12/18

2022 :    1/15;  2/19;  3/19;  4/16;  5/21;    6/18; 7/16;  8/20;  9/17;  10/15;  11/19;  12/17