(This can be adopted in any country)


INTRODUCTION : For the Body of Christ to make greater impact in these last days we must strive for unity.  Every ministry need to be involved in God’s Kingdom agenda for their communities : Be persistence in prayers, work hard, and UN-waving faith in God is key. Encourage Christians to start where they are using what they have.  God who sees their faith will intervene (I Cor. 2:12-13),Often God used ordinary people to change situations in nations to benefit the masses.  In this end time, He is going to use those who are willing to obey even if it does not make sense. 


For example, Joshua obeyed before he understood anything.  The wall of Jericho fell when the children of Israel did foolish things, going around seven times then shouting(Joshua 6).  These are not war strategies!!!  Another time more than 5,000 people were fed with only five loaves and two fish, (Mark 6:37-44). Economically, that was impossible then, and it is impossible today.  No one can feed a multitude with a boy’s lunch but our God can.  If He did miracles then, He is still doing  now.


Another time,  Mrs. Jael Heber used simple pegs and a hammer to kill the army general who oppressed the children of Israel for 20 years (Judges 4). The army could not kill him with guns or spears, but a woman did.  Also, God’s people were under siege, and their king did not have any solution.God sent a word with Elisha, “tomorrow at this time, food will be plentiful” Surprisingly, the king’s officer who knew God did not believe.  He said, “even if God will open the windows………This problem is impossible!! (II Kings 7:2) but four lepers who decided to do something ended the famine in Israel


Many Third World nations have faced all kinds of problems.   They have obtained political independence, but economically they are still being robbed by the First World nations.  I believe Africans have to be in the forefront to solve Africa’s problems because the continent is very prosperous.   Each Person who can see the wrong of Africa can try to do something instead of just talking or praying. There is a King domorder that says, “Arise and shine, for the glory of God is risen upon you……”(Isa.62).To see a change you have to start taking steps towards your desired goal to change your situation and your nation.  Until the mind is renewed from the usual mindset and traditions, there will be no breakthrough in any life or community.


God is looking for anyone who will obey His strategy even if they do not make sense.  He created everything, and He knows how to fix everything (Hosea 14:9; James 3:17).In Scriptures you see ordinary people who did extraordinary things because they depended on God and took action.


Consider The Examples Above :

  • The wall of Jericho fell because all the people united and obeyed God’s instructions “I have given you the city, go around seven times then shout…………….” Joshua 6 Question? After the wall fell, what did they do?  To get what God promised, they had to stop walking around and shouting, but start removing the concrete and debris. They had to start to work!  Like wise Africa!!! God has heard your many prayers, and He is a faithful God.  Many of the walls have fallen, change some of your prayer meetings into strategic training, planning and involving people who can teach you how to access what God has given your beautiful land.  Learn different skills.
  • Imagine Mrs. Hebert, she took a risk to attack the Army General named Sisera by using what she had (Judges 4:3, 21-23). She was not sure if it would work, but God saw her determination to bring change using a peg and a hammer!! As I received from the Lord, one united day to make a declaration of His Word will hit the enemy. You serve Jehovah who is able to do so much through you, (Eph. 3:17-20).
  • The hunger in Samaria was solved by four very sick people who refused to sit, complain and die, (II Kings 7:3-9).To bring sustainable change, you cannot do it alone, involved different talents and professions. When the lepers took a united action to face the enemy, God intervened by amplifying their weak steps to frighten the army of their enemy.  Experienced Soldiers ran away and left all the wealth behind.   God is waiting for His united Body to solve the problems of your society, community, and nation. He will use you for His glory.  The Church is a powerful force in the world.
  • The five loaves and two fish that fed a multitude were available because the boy was willing to share all he had. After the boy gave all to God without expecting anything, God blessed his action, and his lunch fed a multitude of people. You have to be willing to share and give to change any situation.  If you are not a giver or flexible in your ministry, you will remain the same.  Start by being a blessing in different ways that you are able,and God will surprise YOU.

To bring a change of any situation to enhance God’s kingdom, you have to apply wisdom.  Study Esther, twice she invited the king and the enemy of her people for a banquet(Esther 5:3- 13).Neither Esther nor Mordecai were quick to judge or to condemn.  As a child of God, you have to live what Jesus taught, (Matthew 5:43-48).  Moses’ mother took a risk to put the child on the river to save him (Exodus 2:2-4).  The same regime that enslaved and was killing the Hebrew children raised Moses.  Sustainable strategies need wisdom (Pr. 4: 5-13; Luke 16:8-12). Look around and see what you can do to take your life, your business/ministry, your community even your nation to another level.  (We are here to help).


Some Practical Suggestions :

  • Build an intimate relationship with God in prayer and in His word (Josh. 1:7-8; Ps. 42:1-2; Matth.6:6, etc.)
  • Depend on God to use you when you are doing something to bring transformation (Phil. 4:13; John 15:7-12) etc.
  • Unite with others in different vocations to accomplish what you plan to do for the benefit of your community and nation (Genesis 11:6; Nehemiah 3; Phil. 2: 3-5, 14-15)
  • Know that poverty is a curse and not God’s plan for His children (Study Deut. 28; II Cor. 8:9) or your nation.  Africa is the richest continent on earth, and God placed you here to occupy until He comes (Gen.1: 28;  Luke 19:12-26)
  • Break the cycle of poverty, work hard and be a giver (Gen. 1:28-30; Tithe, offerings, benevolence,etc.) not just money but whatever you have, willingly share (Deut.16:17; Ezra 2;69; Pro. 11:24; Rom. 12:8; etc.)
  • Fill your mind and your speech with good thoughts and encouraging words (Rom. 12:2 Phil. 4:4-8; Col.4:6; Tit. 2:8, etc.)



  • Get a map or type the names of regions, provinces, and cities of your nation. Lay your hands on the map/ paper and pray for all your government leaders and those in authority (I Tim. 2: 1-5; Pro. 11:11, 14:32 etc). Thanking God for using them to make good decisions for the community and the nation (Rom. 4:17-21)
  • Pray for all institutions that God will give them wisdom and strategies to benefit your community and nation (Pro. 29:2).
  • Focus on God’s blessings, goodness, power and authority He has given you through the blood of Jesus Christ. (Do not focus on the problems, focus on the bigness of your God)
  • Do not carry bitterness, un forgiveness in your heart; rather have a clean heart to worship God(Romans 12:12-21, etc.)
  • Rely on the Holy Spirit and the scriptures to guide you ALWAYS, (Eph.6:1-18 etc).



I purposefully did not quote too many scriptures because you are leaders, depend on the Holy Spirit for prayer points and in His word.  When you meet the 3rd Day of Thanksgiving Prayer of transformation, spend more time worshiping and praising God, He is your Father – Thank Him for the many things He has done.  Too much time is spent asking Him to do things for us, or fighting the devil, pulling down strongholds, breaking curses, etc.  I am sure some of these have fallen already because God answers prayers – move on and position yourself to take action and do something about what you want changed.

Any person who is reading this, I urge you to be involved in the 3rd Saturday Thanksgiving Prayer of Transformation. God is not limited in strategies, sometimes He mandated us to do what is out of the ordinary as long as it is based on scripture.  Christians across the world, especially in Africa, arise to take dominion in every sphere of life as the Spirit Leads, then God’s glory will come into communities and nations.


Written by : Dr. Nicku Kyungu Mordi